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Rabbit Groups and Spots on the Web

Email Groups

RabbitActivist, Yahoo Group
Activist group concerned with preventing rabbit & animal exploitation

Moderated group covering health, behavior, & care topics

Bunbond, Yahoo Group
A forum for house rabbit owners to discuss their attempts to safely bond their companion rabbits. Techniques, anecdotes and tips shared; frustrations vented.

RabbitVet, Yahoo Group
This group was established to help sick rabbits. An added advantage is that a lot can be learned by monitoring messages from the group.

Please be aware however that this is not a general chat list and that only questions and answers relating to rabbit health issues may be posted. As a guide, each question should relate to a particular need of a particular rabbit. Before posting, search our archives for similar postings in the past.

Please note: Advice is given free of charge by people with varying levels of expertise. It is up to you as a rabbit owner to assess whether any advice given to you is appropriate. If you are in any doubt, you should consult a veterinarian.

Disabled Rabbits, Yahoo Group
This group is for caretakers of disabled and special-needs rabbits to share tips on the special care required for these rabbits, veterinary treatments their rabbits are receiving, and to provide general support for each other.

Off-topic posts are not permitted on this list, but can be posted on the DisabledRabbitsOT list (go to to sign up)

Many more on Yahoo groups. Search for "Pet Rabbits".


The Language of Lagomorphs
Extensive site on the dictionary of rabbit expression & how to reply.

The Comprehensive Bunny Name List
At a loss of what to name your new friend? Get a few ideas here.

Medical Information

If you have an urgent medical situation, contact your vet immediately!
These links are for reference and education only!

Houserabbit Adoption Rescue Education
Established site of in-depth medical, behavior, & care information

A very comprehensive site dedicated to rabbit biology & health for your education. Be sure to take your rabbit to a qualified vet if you have an emergency.

Charky & Ash's Health & Medical References
Extensive site includes in-depth medical information plus other references

UC Davis Veterinary School
Sacramento area rabbits benefit from the skilled & compassionate care from the excellent graduates from the UC Davis Veterinary school. Learn more about this wonderful institution here.

UC Davis, Center for Companion Animal Health
Encourages veterinary studies into the diseases of all companion animals. It is the largest such center in the veterinary world.

Additional Sites of Interest

The source for Sacramento area pet happenings. Sponsored by the Sacramento Bee.

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