Rabbit Play Captured on Video

Rabbit play is very fleeting so it is not easy to capture unless you just videotape your rabbit expecting them to do something. Or, you can capture a snippet in a larger playing session. Since they are active at night & indoors, the lighting is not ideal.


Grooming is common to bonded pairs. Some rabbits naturally groom & others have to learn it. One in the pair may groom & not the other. If your rabbit like you, you will be groomed as well.

Dennis Hopper grooms but Chestnut doesn't reciprocate.


Rabbits frequently flop just to relax after playing. Many people think this is a heart attack or seizure. Relax! They just love being with you.



Rabbits enjoy a good stretch & yawn as any cat out there.


Rabbits appreciate human attention as much as the next animal.


Binkies are a uniquely "rabbit" behavior. They literally jump for joy and scramble to & fro. They love life & show it.

Notice that rabbits like to check you out & play with you when you sit still. They feel safer and are more in control of the situation until they trust you. Do not follow or try to catch or carry your rabbit until he trusts you. Later he may seek you out engage in these activities. But wait until he is comfortable with you.

last updated january 4, 2011