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Housing for your Rabbit

Many options are availble to setup your rabbit's living space in your house. All living space options should be large enough for your rabbit for to lay out lengthwise and tall enough for him to sit up without bumping his head. There should be enough space to food and water dishes or bottles, a litterbox a hayrack, and some toys.


The most traditional option is a cage. Cages are good when your rabbit first arrives in your home. You can use the cage to isolate your rabbit from other pets if you have them. Also if you have an energetic rabbit, you may need to contain him in some way to secure him in your house. Cages come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Check our previous page for a sampling online.

Exercise Pen

Another option is to use an Exercise Pen (ex pen) to create a area to contain your rabbit. These can be purchased at pet stores or feed stores. They are available in a variety of heights. Be sure your rabbit cannot jump over it, which would defeat its purpose.

The ex pen can be use to section off part of a room or make a natural barrier to seal off a hallway or corridor. An ex pen space will be much larger than a cage area & he will need less exercise time since he will have ample space already.

NIC Condo

For handy and creative people, the most flexible living spaces are made by assembling materials for your own custom made cage or pen. "Neat Idea Cubes" are wire grates that are sold to create shelving, but rabbit owners repurpose them as building panels. You can create your own shelves to jump on, custom sizes. The condo will need to be reinforced with lumber. They are held together with zip ties.

Last updated november 26, 2010