Adoption Process

The process to adopt our foster rabbits is structured to build the most confidence and support in your new animal friendship. This should be a dialogue between House Rabbit Society volunteers, you, and your family. This should not be an impulse or a rush to get live gift for your child. You are looking for a friend who will live with you all their life.

We hope you will be educated from our website & from other sources you can find about what it takes to live with a house rabbit. We want to share how special & wonderful these under appreciated creatures are.

We hope you will have questions relevant to your situation about how rabbits can work with your lifestyle.

You are invited to our adoption day to see rabbits in their living situation to be more exposed to them. Here you can ask more questions on their care and needs. You are invited to bring all your family members who will be involved with the rabbit. If you have other pets that might interact with the rabbit, they can visit too.

We will ask you to fill out a People and Pet Profile to match your expectations with the personalities and habits of our fosters or maybe recommend a shelter rabbit with you that we know about.

You are invited to meet a likely rabbit (or several) & see if you like each other. The adoption does not have to happen during the adoption event. Feel free to think about it for awhile. You can make an arrangement with the foster parent to deliver the rabbit to your house another day so you have time to get supplies and set up.

After you decide upon a rabbit, you will fill out an adoption contract. This more like the beginning of the relationship with our organization if you choose.

You are invited to keep asking questions about care & behavior of your new friend even after the adoption. We can give you suggestions on where to take your rabbit for vet care, help with questions about behavior. & help your rabbit find another rabbit friend if you want to try that.

If you decide that your rabbit is not quite right for you or what you expected, you should bring him or her back.

Our core policy is that

your rabbit must be returned to the House Rabbit Society if you ever decide not to keep your pet.

We ensure that our foster rabbits will always live a life in which they are loved and cared for. We will interview and screen another future home for him or her.

last updated october 28, 2010