Food--Not Free

9 Myths

Easter and Bunnies


Not a Toy

Easter Poem

Rabbit Posters Educate at a Glance

National HRS has produced some excellent educational materials in the form of posters which can be printed out and distributed. Click on the poster for a full size version.

Food--Not Free

Discusses the consequences of setting a pet rabbit loose instead of taking to an animal shelter. Emphasizes that pet rabbits cannot survive in the wild.



9 Common Rabbit Myths

Busts the common misperceptions about rabbits:



Easter & Bunnies Don't Mix

Cautions about the reality of getting a rabbit for Easter as an impulse purchase.






Did You Know?

A good primer on the attributes of rabbits as housepets. An attractive, eye-catching piece for display in shlters.


Not a Toy


Recaps the differences about the expectations of a fantasy stuffed animal and a live animal that needs daily care & has a mind of its own.






Easter Poem

A touching poem about the life of an Easter gift.


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last updated march 3, 2011