Rabbit Care Demonstration Videos

We cover a few tutorials in caring for your rabbit below. Always be careful handling your rabbit as they are easily injured because of their fragile skeleton. Do not attempt any action if your rabbit is fighting & resisting to the point where she may injure herself. Let her calm down & try again or have someone help you hold and handle her.

These will be added in the following months.


Grooming is a great time to bond with your rabbit. She will become more comfortable with you handling her if you hold her frequently. This is a great opportunity to cuddle!


Brush your rabbits to keep loose fur off them. This cuts down on the possibility of them grooming themselves and getting a fur blockage in their GI tract. You can use any tools you feel comfortable with.



Nail trimming

Nail trimming is like any other pet: just avoid the quick. Rabbits often do not like to held for trimmings & that is where the challenge lies. Several methods of handling are shown below.




There are two approaches to lifing rabbits: from the front & from the back. Be sure to support her back and hind legs. Rabbits' delicate spine can be broken by an unsupported kick.



Often people who claim to be knowlegeble in rabbit care are incorrect in determining the gender of any given rabbit. This video shows how easy it is to make a mistake. An error can lead to many unplanned rabbits which adds to the overpopulation in animal shelters.





last updated december 8, 2010