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Rabbit Adoptions

Before you Adopt

Top Ten Reasons Big White Bunnies are Awesome Companions!

It's time for the big white bunnies of the world to have their moment in the spotlight!

Are you the Right Kind of Person to Live With a Rabbit?

Are you patient, like to sit on the floor and not fussy about your furniture? These are some of the characteristics of a "Rabbit Person".

12 Things to consider Before you Adopt.

Who will be the primary caretaker? Are you prepared to care for a rabbit for its lifespan of 10 or more years? A dozen questions to answer for yourself before you adopt.

Pre-Bonded Couples

Two can live as cheaply as one for twice as much fun. Eliminate the stress of getting a friend for your bunny by bringing his or her buddy home. See how this works.

Should you Adopt a Rabbit? -- The Dark Side

The rabbits of fantasy and childrens stories clash pretty sharply with the reality of living with a rabbit day-to-day. Find out what you are getting into.

The Adoption Day Schedule

Check our schedule for a Petco near you.

Adoption Process

Both you and your future companion are individuals. To help you find each other, print out our People/Pet Profile, answer some basic questions about your expectations, and bring it to our adoption day. We'll do our best to make sure you fit each other. Or you can fill out our online form and email it to our adoption coordinators & counselors.

Read or print our adoption contract to learn about your responsibilities for your new forever friend. Read about the whole process.

After You Have Adopted

A Rabbit in the House—Now What?

Yes, you need a cage and other hints for the new rabbit owner.

Bonding Advice

Is it courting or fighting? How to read various reactions to a new friend.

Adoption Alumni

See our most recent successful adoptions.

Area Shelters

Check our listing of regional animal shleters and SPCAs

Medical Concerns of Rabbits

They don't need vaccinations, but they have a different medical needs from cats & dogs. See what they are.

Memorials to our Beloved Companions

Humans form incredible bonds with their lagomorphs. Think you couldn't care as much for a rabbit as you could another pet? Read a few of our dedications.

last updated april 12, 2022