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Adoption Days

We remind everyone that Adoption Days are to learn about House Rabbits and interact with rabbit to see if they are right for you. If you need to surrender your pet, you should take him to an animal shelter. Do not bring them to an adoption day.

Abandoning any animal is a misdemeanor under the California Penal code Section 597S.

Come and meet our fabulous foster rabbits! All rabbits are spayed/neutered (age permitting) and litterbox trained. Adoption fee is $50 per rabbit and includes a copy of The House Rabbit Handbook.

Current bunny parents are should bring their rabbits to adoption clinics if they are interested in finding a friend for their rabbit.

Your rabbit must be spayed or neutered to be eligible to meet one of our fosters.

HRS volunteers will be happy to help your bunny through that feisty first date. All bunny parents are welcome to stop by for lively conversation, problem-solving and free information!

We have a lot of experience in finding a friend for your rabbit. If you already have rabbits that are living separately, we can help you get them together and give you tips for getting together at home. Call our hotline to let us know you are coming and we will do our best to make everybody one happy family.

Unless otherwise noted, our adoption and information clinics take place on the second Saturday of each month between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm at the following dates and locations:

December 1 Arden - 1878 Arden Way, 916/923-1082, 95815

Our adoption days rotate on a monthly basis between the following Petcos:

Arden, Fair Oaks, and Citrus Heights on the second Saturday of each month. So it will be three months before we return to a specific Petco.

Fur Trimming Clinic

If your bunny has some stubborn knots or matts in his fur you can't get out, call our bunny line in advance (916-863-9690) to make arrangements to bring him to a clinic for a fur makeover. Donations of $10 are appreciated!

Nail Trimming Clinic

We can also trim your bunny's nails. Tools and methods are the same as dogs and cats, but your bunny may tolerate handling less than those pets. Donations of $10 are appreciated.

Last updated november 20, 2018