White Bun
White Bunny

What do you Think of When you see a Big, White Rabbit?

There are always a large number of these bunnies, many likely were Easter bunnies who fell out of favor as they got bigger. Unfortunately, many adopters pass over them because they're "too big," "too funny-looking" or "too plain."

Too long overlooked for their fancy-furred, floppy-eared cousins, it's time for the big white bunnies of the world to have their moment in the spotlight!

Top Ten Reasons Big White Bunnies are Awesome Companions!

10. You can hear them coming when they run down the hall!

9. There's more bunny to warm up your lap.

8. Their serene white faces always look innocent, even while making mischief.

7. Their ability to reach higher makes them able to help with more home-decorating projects, yours or theirs!

6. They are a real presence when they enter a room (everyone will turn and stare!).

5. They can steal an entire apple off your plate and take off! (And they can't hide well in the shadows, so retrieving stolen items is easy.)

4. You can always tell when they've been playing in the fireplace.

3. They look especially cute with orange carrot-stains on their chin.

2. Their beautiful light-colored eyes reflect love and gratitude whenever they look at you.

1. They always complement your decor.

last updated october 27, 2010