2003 - 2015

We are sad to announce that Simon passed away this morning, October 28, 2015. He would have been 13 years old next February.


We adopted Simon in 2003 shortly after we got Oliver. Simon was rescued from a bad situation. He was found in a backyard hutch with no food and no water in Cameron Park. News of his rescue soon reached us in our small town and we took him in as a foster. It is accurate to say that Simon adopted Ken, rather than the other way around.

Despite a rough start in life, Simon was always a happy bunny. When he was young he possessed an incredible ability to jump. We placed his playpen next to a table containing a pen with three Guinea Pigs. Simon would climb to the top of his critter castle and then leap through the air landing safely inside the Guinea Pig pen. Eventually Ken built him a bridge out of cardboard so he could come and go at ease. He would often lay down in the middle of the bridge, about 5 feet above the floor, and go to sleep looking like a cat with long ears.

At first Simon and Oliver did not like each other at all. In fact, we had to keep them separated. But in 2007 we landscaped the backyard and had it fenced in. Both Oliver and Simon had full yard privileges and the yard was large enough that the two of them soon learned to coexist peacefully. With time they even became friends, spending large amounts of time close together.


Oliver was put to sleep soon after a diagnosis of cancer in August, 2013.

Simon loved the backyard and he would be outside on good days for hours at a time. For a few years he would come back inside the house by himself when he was ready. All Ken had to do was crack the back screen door and wait for him. He seemed to enjoy acting like a cat.

Simon had an excellent memory. His favorite part of the house was the master bedroom and, as you probably have already guessed, under the bed was his favorite place to hide. Even after six months he could easily find the master bedroom without hesitation.

Simon was a very loyal bunny. He was principally bonded to Ken, rather than other rabbits. Ken made sure he took the time every day he was home to spend time with Simon. He was an amazing and most wonderful pet anyone could ever want. He gave us more than we gave him. He was like a best friend. We already miss him so much.

Simon seemed unwell this morning, so we made a 9:00 AM appointment with the local Vet. Ken took him to bed and placed Simon gently on Ken’s chest, making him as comfortable as possible. At about 8:15 AM Simon stopped breathing and died peacefully in Ken’s arms.

Love to Simon always,

Ken & Nancy

posted october 30, 2015