My surviving bunnies and I are saddened to report that Jon-Jon, mate to Abby & friend to Cece, passed away suddenly last night. This morning I found him pushed under the litterbox in their condo cage with Abby sitting next to him & Cece in the litterbox. He was active & had a good appetite last night & rushed to get his fruit treat at bedtime with the others. His vet thinks he had a heart attack.

I adopted John & Abigail from HRS. They were approximately two years old. They were my introduction to the wonderful world of house rabbits. Apparently they were named after the famous Adams couple. It was especially Jon who showed me the range of excitement, curiosity, & playfulness possible in rabbits. He loved to race around their room then flop over on his side. His expressions & reactions were subtle and you had to pay attention to what he was saying. His flopping is immortalized our video page. The devotion and interaction the couple showed each other amazed me & I have many pictures of them together.

Jon was always friendly & curious. He was the first to groom Cece when I introduced her as the third wheel to the couple because I thought "if two were great, three together would be even better" It took several months to make this a reality. I wanted the other to have a ready friend when one of the couple left the other at a time like this. I just didn't expect it to be so soon. He was barely nine years old. The story of John & Abigail was that they were strays found as a couple & taken to the city animal shelter where they were rescued by HRS. I heard that Abigail was injured when they were loose but John never left her side. John & Abigail were adopted out but returned I met them at the following adoption day. At adoption day John always went back to Abigail's side after checking me out. Abby seemed like a princess, just content at having John come back to her. She was his home base.They came home with me a few days later. Over the years I have notice their decreased activity levels but never their enjoyment of each other's company.

I never thought a condo cage and a house could be so empty without a rabbit. He was my first pet rabbit to die.

Jon & Abby 2 Jon & Abby

Jon & Abby Grooming


flopped Flopping


What's going on? What's going on?

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last updated october 24, 2010