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acting like a goat


Cece was the fairy tale stereotype of the energetic, curious, friendly, & happy bunny. She followed me from behind her ex pen during her adoption day & I knew she wanted to come home with me. I bonded her to Jon & Abby over a period of 2 months. It took a lot of work & time, but they were all eventually blissfully happy together. She would still run up to me whenever I entered the room & begged to be pick up & held. She was too busy to be a lap bunny though. She was fearless in jumping up on things as the pictures show. She would stare into my eyes to challenge me when I gave her medication. She jumped on my back when I was on the floor medicating Jon. She'd jump up on the window sill like a cat. Are they called Himalayan because they love to jump up on high places? She had amazing balance. She would explore any room or space that wasn't blocked off. She kept me on my toes in being sure all the baby gates were secure. She loved hiding & tunneling under things. My favorite image of her is lightly hopping down the hallway with barely any effort, as if carried by her own thoughts. Ahh! she hopped on her toes & her hocks never touched the carpet. You couldn't believe there was so much personality & spirit in such a little bunny. She had a full & active life until the end & showed no signs of pain or discomfort when the dental abscess returned that was her demise.


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on my backriding the human

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with jonJon and Cece


last updated october 24, 2010