Wanted: Good Foster Homes

Do you have a little room - and a little love - to share?

The House Rabbit Society's fostering network provides these overlooked shelter bunnies with a true second chance at a happy life. We give them loving homes, behavioral training and, eventually, visibility to potential adopters. Animals who have been abused or neglected learn to trust again in foster homes. And being in a foster home greatly increases the bunny's chances of being adopted - many potential adopters gravitate toward animals that are already comfortably living in a home. And most bunnies' personalities bloom once they're out of a shelter. Right now, more than ever, SHRS is in need of new foster homes. If you have been thinking of volunteering, this is the perfect time to get involved. What do you need to know? Here's our Top 5 list of why you should foster a bunny:

  1. Providing a foster home for a needy animal is one of the easiest ways to give back to your community and do a good deed. If you've been thinking about volunteering, this is the time to get involved. They need you!
  2. Expenses are minimal. Foster families are reimbursed for veterinary care, including spays and neuters. Out of pocket costs are usually limited to produce, hay and pellets. SHRS even has loaner cages and other supplies you can borrow to get started.
  3. The time commitment is minimal. SHRS holds Adoption Days one Saturday per month. These provide the perfect opportunity for you to introduce your bunny to potential adopters. You're not required to attend each one, but you'll find it's a wonderful place to socialize with other "bunny people"! It helps to give the rabbit public exposure if you make arrangements to have someone take your foster to adoption day.
  4. You get to pick your foster bunny! Well, most of the time … in some cases, we have particular special-needs bunnies that need a home. But usually, when the shelters are full, our fosterers have a variety of bunnies to choose from. (You get to name the bunny, too!)
  5. There's nothing more rewarding than watching a transformation. Foster bunnies almost always seem to know that they've been given a second chance. They "talk" to us in their own way … you'll know what we mean the first time you see your new foster leap for joy in the middle of your living room!

If you would like more information about joining our foster program, we'd love to talk to you! Call us at (916) 863-9690 and leave a message. Or email us at: One of our volunteers will call you back and answer any questions you have, and we'll send you a copy of our Foster Agreement to look over. The commitment is minimal, and the benefits are enormous.

Download our quick overview of program here.

last updated june 30, 2023